12 Tips to help kids ease back to school after the Lockdown Christmas break

So, the kids have been up late over the Christmas break: watching TV, playing video games, and having lie-ins but sadly the fun is over, as the new school term is now days away. Although, they are not physically back to school due to the Tier 4 Lockdown, they will still need help to get up on time for remote learning.

The government’s last-minute U-turn on school closures have left parents ill-prepared for remote learning. Parents are tasked with preparing a place for children do their studies and providing sufficient supervision. Our children will certainly need some help to adjust to this new normal of remote learning.

Here are some top tips to help you and your child/children with remote learning:

1) Ideally, try to return to children’s normal bedtime at least a few days before they get back to school. This will help their body clock adjust to its normal rhythm.

 2) Check to ensure laptops are operational and if there are any problems, email the school, as most schools are trying their best to supply laptops and Chromebooks for remote learning.

3) Keep an eye on emails from your child’s school, as the information is changing all the time and it will tell you how best to support your child/children at home.

 4) Prepare their workstation and make sure you are well-stocked on printing paper and stationery. Also, check that all school projects have been completed.

 5) Even though your children will be learning from home, getting them ready for lessons still needs some planning. It will help you a great deal if you can pick out their clothes and underwear for the whole week and hang it out in their wardrobe to make it easier for them to get ready in the morning.

 6) Working from home with children in tow is not an easy feat by any means so a bit of planning will be required to make it work. You will need to carve out a space for yourself and the children without getting in each other’s way. It might help you to get up a couple of hours in the morning ahead of the kids to get yourself organised.
7) Plan their lunchtime menu and make sure you have all the ingredients for their lunch, as lunch can come around very quickly when you are working from home.
8) Lunchtimes must be utilised, and it will help to get everyone away from their computers for a bite to eat and some fresh air. A little stroll outside is a perfect way to break up the day. It will be marvellous for everyone if you could also schedule in a trip to the park after the school day.
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10) Encourage your child/children to FaceTime or call their friends during the breaks or after school for a chit-chat and some fun. Keeping in touch with friends will make a big difference to their wellbeing.

 11) Keep an eye on what your children are doing and tell them to flag up any problems they might be having with their schoolwork as soon as possible. This will help teachers resolve any issues quickly.

12) Finally, parents remember you are not there to teach but to support your children. Therefore any issues should be directed back to the school.

    Getting back to the school routine is tough on everyone and remote learning has its own challenges. You can only do your best and pray that the schools reopen soon.

    Happy First Week Back!