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Don’t you just love flower hair accessories in your hair? For the wedding season nothing looks more beautiful than pretty little bridesmaids or flower girls leading the bride down the aisle with pretty flower accessories in their hair. We have a range of gorgeous hair accessories including flower hair bows, flower headbands and hair ties for those cute flower girls or little wedding guests. Plus, flower hair accessories are a big part of summer dressing for everyone, especially little girls. 

Harmonie Flower Headband - Pink & White
  • £25.00
Harmonie Flower Headband - Lilac & White
  • £25.00
Harmonie Flower Headband - Blue & White
  • £25.00
Harmonie Flower Clip - Lilac & White
  • £25.00
Harmonie Flower Clip - Pink & Cream
  • £25.00
Harmonie Flower Clip - Cream & Pink
  • £25.00
Yellow and Blue Flower Alice band
  • £22.00
Glitter Flower Hair Clip
  • £4.00
Vintage Style Flower Hair Claw
  • £18.00