Our Story


Vy, founder of Rainbow & Ginger London


 Looking back, I think my inspiration to start my own business in kids hair accessories came from my Ghanaian mother who had a passion for dressmaking. When I was very young, my mother used to make little gingham dresses for my younger sister and I with pretty ribbons in our hair. I remember always hearing the sound of the sewing machine and wishing I could sew. From the fabric scraps, I would make dresses for my dolls. Although my mother's dresses sold very well at the local market, she never really pursued it because she trained as a secretary/typist, which was an ideal career for women at the time.

    My girls inspired my business
    Years later, when I had my three daughters and started dressing them up, I really couldn't resist buying matching hair accessories. I quickly worked out how to fix them when they fell apart. Soon after, I learnt how to make them and improved the quality. I began to source materials online and started selling them to the mums at my daughters' school.


    I think good feedback from my early customers really motivated me to pursue this as a business. My background in marketing has helped me but there is still so much learn. I am also passionate about raising confident girls so this is an area I tend to cover in my blogs and parenting tips.


    My little model


    My girls are really great at helping me create new designs and when they like something, I know other children will like them too. I have had to rely on them to model some of the pieces which has been fun.  

    Work in progress



    All the hair bows at Rainbow & Ginger London are designed and handmade by myself at my home in London. I source quality traditional ribbons from British manufacturers to ensure my customers are getting the best. In addition to this, all the bows are beautifully topped with sturdy embellishments which are suitable for young children. 

    We have a wide range of hair bows for girls in different styles, textures and colours including satin, grosgrain, polka dot, stripes, tartan, union jack, flowers, Ankara, and tulle. You are sure to find a pretty hair accessory to match your child’s outfit.

    Our mission at Rainbow & Ginger London is to inspire girls to stand out, be brave and have fun through our super-bright hair accessories. I hope you love my hair accessories as much as I do.

    All the best,
    Vy x

    PS. Check out my Autumn Collection